Build – Experience the emotion as Your thoughts and ideas take shape from the plans and selections, to become the birthplace of what will surely be where some of life’s most cherished memories are formed.  Innovation Luxury Homes goes to great lengths to insure that quality of workmanship is paramount in every detail and in every home we build.

Permitting – There are multiple levels of building practice requirements and many building code restrictions that must be followed depending on the municipality or neighborhood in which you build your new home in.  We will handle every aspect of this process.

“My Style” Construction Meetings:

Your time is valuable.  Innovation Luxury Homes will work diligently to provide advance and flexible scheduling to accommodate our clients.

Pre-construction – It’s time… construction will be commencing soon!  During an on-site meeting, we will insure that the home is properly placed on your site and review any challenges or adjustments that may be necessary for creating Your new home.

Pre-Drywall Orientation – Just prior to the interior drywall being installed, we will conduct an on-site orientation of Your home to review all selected options, review “what’s behind the walls” and identify a clear closing date timeline to insure you and your family can properly plan for the big day.

New Home Orientation – Welcome to Your new home!  Shortly after completion we will conduct a final orientation, presenting our latest work to you – in your new home.  Additionally, we will be showing you all of the system functions, features and discussing your warranty as well as proper maintenance and care.