Innovation Q&A

The process starts by scheduling a consultation with Innovation Luxury Homes. Once we understand your vision and intentions we can better assist you and your family.

Yes, we work directly with a licensed Texas Real Estate Brokers here locally allowing us to highlight some of the specific criteria you and your family want and require, so we can help you find the perfect piece of property that aligns with your budget.

Absolutely. This is very common and we have the expertise to insure that in addition to meeting your needs, that your home is built to comply with all of the current energy, national and local building codes that may be present and in force where you own your property.

Absolutely. Most homeowners find the perfect location and purchase their home site prior to contacting a builder or architect. We can take it from there.

This depends. We feel that a home needs to be site-specific, properly designed and engineered around our homeowners’ vision. However, looking through on-line databases or plan books is a good place to start for ideas. We can take plans out of a plan book and with the designer’s permission, adjust the plan to complement our homeowners’ vision.

This depends. If you “own the rights” to a set of architectural plans or have hired an architect to design your home, then yes. We will not duplicate plans or floor plans unless arrangements are made to purchase the copyright from another builder or architect.

We can definitely help here. We have partnered with a preferred lender who not only can handle your permanent mortgage needs, but specializes in putting together the interim construction lending that may be necessary for your project.

Innovation Luxury Homes is a build on your lot as well as a design build firm that builds throughout the Central Texas market. Located in Williamson County, we build within a 50 mile radius of Georgetown and Williamson County.

Yes. Over a brief phone conversation we can answer additional questions and set up a time to discuss your vision and our procedures for estimating.

This is usually the first question asked and it is one of the most frequently asked questions for anyone who is building a new home. However it is one of the most difficult questions to answer being that every home is different. Our homeowners are the only ones with the authority to determine the final price per square foot of their custom home or project – as they are the ones who have complete control over their home site selection, architectural features and level of finish desired in the home. Having developed good relationships in the industry with established and reputable trade partners, Innovation Luxury Homes has the ability to negotiate and buy quality construction materials at a lower price – in turn passing that onto the consumer. After your new home consultation with Innovation Luxury Homes we will be able to answer this question with greater accuracy.

Depending on your situation, the design process can take 45 to 60 days depending on how elaborate you wish to make your design and if you already have an architect chosen or not. Preferably Innovation Luxury Homes would like to be involved as early as possible to insure that all factors are considered prior to initial concept drawings. Once we have a municipal approval and the building permits are pulled, the duration of construction will vary depending on the size of the house, the topography of the land and the level of details you choose.

Now is the perfect time to build your dream home. With the current economic environment, construction materials and labor are still relatively low in relation to years past. In addition, interest rates are still near historical lows and history tells us they will not stay there forever. These two factors can and will be major savings to you and your family while they last.

Typically we focus on the construction of new homes. We will however consider a major add on or a detached garage addition. Use our contact page or call us directly to schedule a no charge consultation at your home to discuss this further.

Currently we feel comfortable building no more than 6 – 7 custom homes a year. We will not sacrifice the craftsmanship, quality and personal service standards for volume.

Certainly. We are experienced at building for out-of-state homeowners. We have tailored our selection process to meet the needs of our relocating customers. If need be, we can fly to your location for these very important meetings.

We have the experience and capabilities of building all size homes. This answer depends on and is only restricted by our homeowners’ vision.

Certainly. We welcome your ideas and input throughout the construction process, and we remain flexible and willing to accommodate changes at most points during construction.

Yes. We have developed great relationships with our homeowners’ real estate professionals and also strongly suggest you consult with a builder prior to purchasing your home site to discuss some of the elements which can impact key features and costs.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Innovation Luxury Homes today.